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Healing Ground Wellness Center is the place to go for good vibrations – Power Vibe, that is.  Power Vibe is a therapeutic machine first developed to stimulate bone regrowth in astronauts, who lose bone density very quickly when they are in a weightless environment.  It turns out that vibration has numerous benefits.

The Power Vibe has proven helpful in reducing back pain, increasing flexibility, improving blood and lymph flow, improving balance, as well as building bone density.  When you stand on the Power Vibe platform, what you feel is the platform jiggling under your feet.  You don’t particularly feel the reflexive response of thousands of small muscle contractions happening as your body automatically maintains its balance.  This low-impact work out tells the brain to send more minerals into the bones.  It also helps to reduce inflammation and speeds healing.  And it immediately involves the entire nervous system in the act of balancing, which is excellent rehab for balance issues.

Almost anyone can use the Power Vibe, regardless of your age, size, or fitness.  It is a safe, effective treatment with no learning curve, and we are keeping it very affordable.  There are some contraindications, however.  People with serious cardiovascular disease, metastatic tumors, diabetic neuropathy, or epilepsy should not use this machine.  Joint replacements, rheumatoid arthritis, or recent surgery calls for caution – shorter sessions at lower speeds.

If you are a patient of Dr. Linda Palter, or a client at Healing Ground, you may use the Power Vibe any time, for just $5 for a 10 minute session.  (Unfortunately, most insurance plans do not reimburse for this therapy.)  If you are not a patient but would like to use the Power Vibe, and there are no contraindications, it is $10 a session.  Because the Power Vibe works by exercising your muscles and bones, it needs repetitions to be effective.  For best results, plan on 3 to 5 ten minute sessions a week.

Oh, be sure to ask for a free trial session!