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In one study, 1,504 patients were given questionaires.   These were all chiropractic patients being treated for musculoskeletal pain.  What the study found was that the patients reported positive side effects besides pain relief 23% of the time.  Adjusting the spine to relieve pain also helps organs and tissues work better.  Positive effects were found in the respiratory system, digestive system, circulation, and eyes.  The patients reported that it was easier to breathe, they had improved digestion, clearer vison, lowered blood pressure, and relief from ringing in the ears.

Chiropractors don’t find this surprising!  The nerves are the communication lines between the brain and every organ and tissue in the body.  So if you improve nerve function, by releasing pressure from misalignment, you will benefit everything that nerve communicates with.

Compare these side effects to the ones listed at the ends of drug commercials!  Aren’t these the sorts of side effects you’d rather have from your health care?