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Happy, Healthy Brain Foods! | Dr Linda Palter
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We interrupt our regular broadcasting of dire warnings and bad news to bring you some good news.  Please eat the following yummy, healthy foods for better brain health:

* Blueberries:  A study at Tufts University found that blueberries (along with strawberries and spinach) improve short term memory and coordination.

*Pumpkin seeds:  Rich in zinc, pumpkin seeds help reduce toxicity, support immune system health, and help with ADHD.

* Coffee:  Studies show that coffee helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

*Walnuts:  The excellent omega 3 fatty acids in walnuts improve mood and raise IQ.

* Chocolate:  In one study, eating chocolate improved people’s ability to solve math problems in their heads.  Another study showed that chocolate helped improve memory, and helped with healing after a stroke.

And if you want to improve your mood and reduce anxiety, take a good probiotic supplement.  You know all the figures of speech we have about “gut feelings”?  Well, the gut-brain connection is a real thing, and a healthy GI tract directly supports good moods.

You’re welcome.  And we now return to our regular broadcasting.   Don’t smoke!  Sit up straight!  Avoid sugar, avoid hydrogenated fats……